Our VH Staff (Part 1)

Our team would not be the same without all of our amazing staff! Throughout the summer we like to write about our staff and let our guests know the person behind the excellent customer service and hospitable smile! This week we thought we would introduce you to the great men that carry the heavy luggage :)……and help us run the business on a daily basis.

Drum-roll please…

We have two men that we would absolutely be lost without…our maintenance staff, but there real title should be ultimate fixer, because they can repair anything and everything!

Michael Melitante


Hometown: Manila, Philippines
Hobbies: Computers, basketball, and car racing.
Favorite thing about Nantucket: The nightlife, there are always so many new people to meet.
Interesting Fact: He has lived in Japan, Brazil, Denmark, and Germany!

Rodel Ortega

Rodel pic

Hometown: Manila, Philippines
Hobbies: Chess and cooking! His specialty dish is Pork Adobo.
Favorite thing about Nantucket: Fishing on the island.
Interesting Fact: He is a new dad this year to an adorable little boy!

We are so fortunate to have these three outstanding, hard working gentleman as a part of our Veranda House Hotel Collection family. They make everyone on the team crack a smile daily and for that we cannot rave about them enough! After reading this, you know you want to stay with us just to meet them.


The VH Team